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Martín González / AND AFTER JULY 31, WHAT?

Today dear reader, I would like to share with you a reflection that has been circulating and that has become increasingly extensive in the professional circles and organizations with which I collaborate in the United States, and the topic focuses on the Support received by families affected by COVID-19, which, I would like to share with our new English-speaking readers who from this edition are incorporated into the follow-up of EFECTIVIDAT CONSULTORES from Texas, California and New York.

In response to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in New York State, for example, Governor Cuomo has guaranteed workers labor protection and financial compensation in the event that a worker is subject to a mandatory or precautionary quarantine or isolation order issued by the state or the Department of Health, the local health board, or any government entity duly authorized to issue such an order due to COVID-19. All right, and perfectly understandable.

Most employees will receive financial compensation through the use of a combination of benefits, which may include new employer-provided paid sick leave, paid family leave, and disability benefits. These benefits are not available to employees who are able to work through remote access or other means. However, family leave may also be paid to care for a family member who has hired COVID-19, which qualifies as a serious health condition.

Some employers in the states of New York, California, or Texas are now required to provide at least five days of protected sick leave to employees who need to take leave because they or their dependent minor child are under a mandatory or precautionary quarantine or isolation order due to COVID-19. And this point highlights the most important thing so far, and is the central point of today's reflection.

The deep respect, I have for the personal and family tragedies of all the victims, who have died, who have suffered moral, economic, social and cultural losses in this pandemic, should be firmly clarified. But, in an observer position. I must be brutally Cartesian. And what happens on August 01? that there are no more support checks, the deeply devastating thing is to see the perfect storm coming. Election in November 2020 where covid-19 dead will be, the currency is in the air to know if Donald continues, or will be Clinton-Obama-Biden (Cartel), the headlines of the nuclear button.

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