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Martín González / Deceit to the consumer: a reiterated green practice

When the current global alert system, together with the recurring fear of Covid-19 contagion, is confused with the legitimate despair of each person to maintain their health, and where the false news feeds the hidden fabric of the world conspiracy to come. About us (experts say), the business world wears its scariest mask, takes six feet away in compliance with some regulations, and tries to open its doors 100%. The argument: Make up the lost profits, the capital gain of the stock has decreased in the last 5 months and we must monetize it immediately, the commercial goals have not been met (for some), they are usually the most elaborate financial and commercial engineering constructions. It does not give for more the brainy argument.

However, in this disparity of content, evidence, and asymptomatic actions that bombard us daily, we see how some businesses have increased profits, mainly with speculation of fast food.

But, I stop a dear reader in the following reflection: Are the fast food commercial establishments such as hamburgers, fries or salads that have increased their sales by the Web order, APP and Pick Up models, really being honest with their consumers? Are they not a farce and a facade of simple economic ambition? alarmed by the public health contingency. For example, how do you support a salad chain that has a presence in more than 7 states of the American Union, and that is represented by more than fifty establishments that issue "healthy products", the corrosion in the internal health of the organization because this is not logical with the most elementary line of its principles of mission and vision? That is, they tell the consumer that they sell GREEN, but the organization is rotten inside.

Food, Greens and Healthy are positioned as a speculative aspect within the fast food markets in the United States, especially as reflected in the case study that we will shortly present in this collaboration, and which it reveals in its final report, after a few months of research work, from the very heart and the guts of these establishments, the lack of training in managerial personnel, administrative illiteracy, ignorance of job and commercial empathy, permanent subordination to speculation in a gram of lettuce they make deception build.

Without a doubt, dear reader who will be surprised in the coming weeks, and I can especially assure our readers in the United States that the next time you go to taste a salad you can honestly ask yourself: ¿The company that made my food are you honest with your workers? What quality of raw material does the product I am consuming contain? Is it a company that respects workers? ¿Do workers respect me as a consumer?

I remain for now dear reader with the universal sentence of Zun Tzu: "There are no bad soldiers, what exists are bad Generals"

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