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Martín González / PPOE: Pan American Program for Employment Organization

Actualizado: 5 jul 2020

Undoubtedly, dear reader, one of the pending agendas, and which should be taken up with a special interest in the coming months of this summer, once the parameters for the total reopening of companies and sources of employment have been clearly established, will undoubtedly be the update of the general criteria in the bilateral relationship between Mexico and the United States focused on the scenario of labor migration. The central point for the strategy will be the articulation of the bases of a solid economic revival in the T-Mec environment. Let's see.

The López Obrador government committed at the end of 2019 to "offer job opportunities, access to health and education to migrants and their families while they remain in their territory," in addition to protecting their human rights. Mexico assures that "the solution to the migratory problem is the development of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, as well as southern Mexico, where the vast majority of migrants with final destination to the United States come from" who are fleeing poverty and violence. The previous argument is simply irrefutable and valid. However, in the face of this unprecedented scenario (post-COVID-19), there is an opportunity for Mexico's Secretary of Labor, María Luisa Alcalde, in the coming months to turn the labor topic of Mexican nationals in the United States into a central piece of the bilateral relationship, that's how important the issue is.

It is estimated that approximately currently there are some 13.3 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, of which according to conservative studies indicate that 52% percent of all of them have been born in Mexico (just over 6 million). Many are part of what is known as mixed families, that is, one or more of its members lack legal status and others are permanent residents or even American citizens. Let's not forget that with 24 million votes you are the President of Mexico (last election of 2018).

And therein lies the key to building one of the great scenarios of international support that the Minister of Labor of Mexico would have in her hands in favor of Mexicans in the United States and families in Mexican territory. The path will be to present a consolidated strategy for the opening of the PPOE (Pan American Program for Employment Organization) support office, through which the registration of work skills, support for discrimination and regularization of work in mixed families, the accreditation of labor competencies, and finally the official recognition of technical knowledge, and the accreditation of high labor experts, are the point of light in which María Luisa Alcalde have her great opportunity.

In addition, the minister must build an international base with effective actions towards the presidential succession of Mexico in 2024, if she aspires to be the first president (woman) of Mexico, or to be, why not Chancellor. A dear reader at the time.

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