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Martín González / Learning from Singapore: Mexico’s hypocrisy.

The formal incorporation of Singapore as a full member of the trade agreement known as the Pacific Alliance, made up of Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Chile and now Singapore is being considered as the event with the greatest impact in the world of foreign trade specialists in Latin America (LATAM).

Singapore, which in a period of 30 years went from being a "Cesspool of misery and degradation" to being called the "Asian Pearl", according to various documents published by the BBC, and attributed to Lee Kuan Yew, who was Prime Minister of Singapore (1959-1990), according to the political and economic actors of the Asian country itself, he was not only the prime minister "The Singapore era", a man who is credited with having turned a poor and degraded Singapore, prostrated by the ruin and exploitation by the British Empire into a giant of Asia.

But let's take a look at who benefits from Singapore's incorporation into the Pacific Alliance. For example, Singapore's export destinations: China (12.6%), Malaysia (12.0%), Hong Kong (11.0%), Indonesia (9.4%), U.S.A. (5.9%), Japan (4.1%), South Korea (4.1%), Taiwan (3.9%), Australia (3.8%), Mexico (0.2%).

Main import suppliers for Singapore: Mexico ranks 26th with 0.8% of raw materials. Mexico is the 4th largest export destination for Singapore in Latin America, after Panama (63.9%), Brazil (11.1%) and Bahamas (7.1%), countries that are not part of the Pacific Alliance.

Let's be clear, what seems to be a perfect game of mirrors of international politics, is nothing more than a gross evidence of hypocrisy for Latin America. A government that debates between terrible accusations of economic corruption within the first circle, as is the case of President Andres Manuel Lopez (Mexico), corruption that includes his children with the acquisition in Houston, Texas of properties (houses) that exceed 3 million dollars, and an increase of 138% in violent executions (80,000 homicides) with respect to the six years of Felipe Calderon and Enrique P. Nieto, accused by Lopez Obrador himself, as great genocides of the Mexican people.

The reflection is abbreviated, what hypocrisy of the Mexican government in front of friendly peoples such as Peru, Colombia and Chile.

It may be embarrassment to others, who knows?.

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