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Martín González / To believe again

A journey from Cajamarca- Peru to your senses.

Walking through downtown Dallas, Tx I found a small space where your creative emotions can't resist to come to the surface. Small and comfortable for the experience of knowing organic and natural products as well as the enjoyment of its marked Germanic influence in the diversity of dishes and typical food products offered (Saumagen, Schweinebraten, Spaetzle, Rouladen, Schnitzel Chicken), a Bavarian delight.

Place of good wines in relation to price-quality ratio, surprises of Italian wines and a couple of Rioja wines that could not be missing in the exhibitor. Exquisite meats for the most demanding palates to be accompanied by a good bread baked on site by Barbara. In the center of the aisles we appreciated small wooden containers with organic products from regional farms that promote the marketing and sustainability of the state of Texas and Oklahoma.

The visit to the market passed without any extraordinary novelty, nothing special other than the smile on my face for having found by mere chance this destination of fantasies for the palate. I had been there for about 25 minutes when I decided to leave, so I had to attend a meeting. I could not leave the place without first going to the coffee bar and ordering a good espresso with some almond or soy milk. After two minutes I had it in my hands, I sipped it the first time, and I could not believe what I was feeling in every gland of my mouth. Every atom, every quantum molecule in my body began to tremble, creating in it an endorphin discharge, typical as a result of the pleasure of things that are combined with memories, that had not been a traditional nuclear explosion based on uranium or plutonium, this surpasses by far even the Russian creation RDS-2200.

There I was, experiencing the great nuclear detonation in my body, what a delicious coffee I kept saying, and I remembered that the best coffee in the world (for me, of course), I had tasted in Café La Cholita, Cuzco, Peru.

I could not avoid trying to investigate the origin or provenance of that delicious coffee bean, to which, due to the unusual insistence that the manager of the place was insisting on showing me at that moment, Tori, ended up telling me in a low voice, almost whispering, as if she wanted to keep the secret from the possible indiscreet ears of Klaus Fuchs. The coffee turned out to come from Peru, from the Cajamarca region, and grown on the Churupampa farm owned by the Tocto Bermeo family.

And once again I came back to believe that it is in the administrative discipline, the corporate review, the participation of international lobbying, short and medium term financing, and the organization of the producing communities, which allows the sowing of successful cases, as in this case the coffee from Cajamarca, Peru.

I have said it in the field, in the farms in front of organizations and authorities, I have shared it in conferences, I have put it in writing in the investigations carried out In Situ: "Peru must be a reference for the sale, development and sustainability in America with respect to organic and native products" that do not exist in other parts of the world and that this, in principle, generates an advantage of international supply. Coffee, bananas, cacao, quinoa, jojoba, mango and maca are a sample.

That afternoon I finally returned to my activities with a smile that announced the encounter with a dream come true: To consume a great coffee in the United States.

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