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Martín González / Haugen and the devastating truth

More than 24 months after the start of the global crisis of Covid 19, we continue to live a reality of unconventional war, in which the absences of our partners, children or good friends apparently become older and more distant before our senses, leaving social networks as the only strategy to cling to something or someone. The scenario is terrifying if we think that the end of the global lockdowns depends on the health control of the Delta variant. That is, this confinement prophesies to extend for at least 12 months from now.

And right at this moment of extreme human sensitivity where nothing could be worse, an unprecedented economic crisis in the United States of America.

Americans are on the edge of the precipice with a domestic debt of almost Trillions of dollars, an amount that already exceeds in double digits its own PIB; A Washintong-Sindney-London nuclear alliance that raises the alarms of a confrontation with China in the Pacific, and the Nuclear rearmament of the Russians and right there the world enters a state of Coma or Technological Shock.

Frances Haugen, who has become the spokesperson for the world's helpless, the defenders of the control of Artificial Intelligence or the development of Intelligence Technology, presented herself as the redeeming image, which from her own morality exposes the evils of the "Others" with the media revelations made before the US Senate. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, she explained, withhold information from the public and governments: "The documents I provided to Congress prove that Facebook repeatedly misleads the public about what its own research reveals about children's safety, efficacy of its artificial intelligence and its role in spreading divisive and extremist messages." And Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp stopped working for 6 hours.

Millions of dollars in losses, hundreds of thousands of lawsuits loom over Facebook and its subsidiaries and technological and economic interests. Mark Zuckerberg is today the living representation of the evil one of the 21st century, as Haugen leads us to observe in her arguments as a "devastating truth".

But the real devastation is realizing that loneliness is our new companion, where the normalization of the use of the Internet as an environment that replaces face-to-face social relationships is permanent. Feeling that we have a connection with others through the networks is very addictive, because it is something that can be done from any place and time, and allows us to avoid a good part of the consequences of social failure. However, the Internet is a substitute for social relationships, and that is why its effects, despite being immediate, vanish the moment we move away from the technological devices that allow us to "be online."

Thus, on the one hand, the Internet offers a replacement for friendship ties with immediate and inexpensive effects, and on the other, the time dedicated to these connections prevents the creation of friendships that remain throughout our lives. In fact, it is provocative and in my case suffocating, something as simple as having a Smartphone nearby makes it possible for a meeting with others to become significantly less stimulating.

And I remembered the woman who lives in front of my apartment in the Recoletos in beautiful Buenos Aires, who without Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, is capable of spreading a virus of global dimensions through Lies, Deception, Defamation and Double Morals that take over the empty spaces in her heart, and like Zuckerman's networks, she was invaded by the COVID of contempt for the human that is transmitted by his language.

Postscript: Well it would take a reset for the world to rest.

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